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Led Module Lights

Led Module Lights

They are very useful to create an ambience in your home with different shades of lighting. It can help in lighting up your car dashboard or other parts of vehicles. LED modules can be served as a night lamp. Flashlights and headlamps can be designed with LED modules as well.

Application Areas

Light box at Airports, Metros, Banks, Buildings and Shopping Malls, etc.

Product Specifications


Head Office & Factory & Warehouse
6th Floor, Sect. 2, No.1 of Kanglong 3rd Road Henglan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China


Branch Office
Ferhatpaşa Mahallesi, Sakarya Caddesi,
Gür İş Merkezi, No:7/1/12
Çatalca, İstanbul, Turkey

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